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mother fucking cupcake

I just want to have a bitch about something. And please pay attention because you may do this thing and not realise that you are being a fucking dick. So, in this new life of mine, I am taking every opportunity to improve myself in ways I was not allowed to do before. One of… Continue reading mother fucking cupcake

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Unicorns and Candy Guns

This is another challenge set forth by the great Chuck Wendig. Once again, my gorgeous Melon goddess did this with me too. I know she will post hers soon. We are both running late, as per usual. Go check hers out. If she hasn't posted it yet, just go read something else on her blog.… Continue reading Unicorns and Candy Guns

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Lights out

My heart jumps Windchimes A breathless night I look out into the abyss I wish I saw nothing But my eyes They trick and dance My brain Warps the shadows Making shapes where there are none There are none Nothing It's nothing Someone please tell me it's nothing My mind does not shut up Someone… Continue reading Lights out