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mother fucking cupcake

I just want to have a bitch about something. And please pay attention because you may do this thing and not realise that you are being a fucking dick. So, in this new life of mine, I am taking every opportunity to improve myself in ways I was not allowed to do before. One of… Continue reading mother fucking cupcake

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The saddest fear

I know this is a Taylor Swift song but I like this version better... I especially LOVE screaming it in the car with my sons. No fucking prizes as to why this song hits home, but I just reallylove this version because my heart is made of grunge, punk and rock... so... yeah... Once upon… Continue reading The saddest fear

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Australia is likeย Melisandre’s snatch

I'm Australian. Like, as in, I was born here. Blood-nationality (if there even really is such a random notion) I'm like a slow-cooked stew. But that is not at all what I wanna talk about today. actually I don't really wanna talk about anything. (But here we are ...) Why don't I want to do anything? Cause it is fucking hot here!