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his rakish sway

His rakish sway He looks at me With wanton eyes Takes me by the hand gentle Possessed but not possessive He pulls me into him Lips drip with lustful smirk Delicious obscenities whispered Hot breathy words Spoken like spells Enchantments sighed His raffish sorcery Enraptured by his hips Enveloped by his arms holding I sway… Continue reading his rakish sway

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making, love like

Our future In the making Love like silent intensity Eyes and smiles and no words spoken Communication I adore, slowly at first and then all at once Passion building, skyscraper high like drugs I am addicted to you I jump and you fall into me, falling together You take only what I can give and… Continue reading making, love like

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a soft thud

The book shuts A soft thud Signifying finality My head resting gently Listening to heartbeats Blood pumping just beneath bare skin Content to just be Sweetness in simple pleasures Of voice and words and shared time The book is put down A soft thud Signifying finality Endings are the beginnings of what is to come… Continue reading a soft thud

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deliciously terrible sin

A goddess comes down Goes down in her human form To meet the one who calls Her sweetest devotee, is he Breathing a heavy sigh As if he had been holding his breath The goddess looks upon her worshipper And she saw that he was good A sacrifice had been promised Procuring propitiation Little deaths… Continue reading deliciously terrible sin

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happily drowning, we

Our sweet dream world Where we, the wild things, are Wolves in people clothing Monsters are we The sky above us is black Like our hearts Although moonlight filters through the trees Shining down onto our changing, writhing bodies Witches are we We do not wish to go We eat each other up Devouring every… Continue reading happily drowning, we

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she comes, moaning

The ocean is a woman And she calls to me like a lover lost I yern for her salted embrace Wanting to be close enough to hear the gentle lapping of her The rough sway of her Washing over my body Cool womb of blue and green and grey The ocean is a woman I… Continue reading she comes, moaning

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Coffee/friend, wine/lover

Coffee is my friend And wine is my lover I wake up and the first thing I want is my friend I want long warm talks with my friend Holding them in the palm of my hand Night falls and the darkness sets in And all I can think of is my lover on my… Continue reading Coffee/friend, wine/lover

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I woke up with a song in my head

I really like Two Feet. Their tunes are dulcet and sexy even if the lyrics don't completely match up. They make me want to dance but the sort of dance that may seem inappropriate around my children. So, I save their songs for alone time... Not that sort of alone time! Just time when I'm… Continue reading I woke up with a song in my head

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Maestro, mine

Heart beats Like piano notes Your fingers play My keys In just the right way My body's song A rising crescendo Maestro, mine Conducting Strumming Strings tight Tightening Shivering with melody Our bodies in harmony Fast and slow Nocturne sheets Basso profondo armonia scorrere Speaking in tongues With tongues With skin A glowing refrain Rhapsody… Continue reading Maestro, mine

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Lust – 5 loves

Sweat and teeth Eyes closed Mouths open Full to the brim Exploring Exploding A teacup can be filled and drained in one night. It need not sustain you for a lifetime. Lips and skin Nerves alight Muscles ache Please don't stop Touching Tasting Drunk on your body, the dizzying heat of you. Moans pour from… Continue reading Lust – 5 loves