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that she

I sit Cross legged On my bed Midnight is just around a star encrusted corner I watch out my window Constellation gazing wonder And I want to write a love poem But one for someone I have never really written one for This person She is amazing She can diffuse arguments with words of love… Continue reading that she

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glimpses and snapshots

With self care comes more sleep More sleep means less time Less time means less words Less time to write words Less time to think of the right words I worry that I am wasting time Wasting time on sleep which is now so blank quiet it scares me Been a life time with the… Continue reading glimpses and snapshots

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Time is relative Dialation of moments The differences between two perspectives Velocity and speed and... It's just different Heat is relative The rise and fall of it The way it makes us feel You know, it's the humidity that makes it feel hot? Shivering and sweating It's just different Flavour is relative A flavour in… Continue reading Relativity

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bullshit birthday nonsense poem question mark

It is my motherfucking bday I don't have to make poetry If I don't want to But I do want to So take it Take my nonsense Or my sense with non meaning Or my meaning sense non poem Or my poem of me non sense-aning Yes That last one Yes Popsicles Fruit bats Teletubbies… Continue reading bullshit birthday nonsense poem question mark

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you, purple

You say you like the winter but I say you are like the Summer. Sun light golden warming mulberries, staining fingers and eager lips with purple grace. You are purple. Purple like Tyrian. Like Bolinus brandis. Rare and forbidden. Only for the worthy to enjoy. Rare like peculiar, curious like cats. Forbidden like electric dipole… Continue reading you, purple

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and love, anyway

I meditate in poetry Not inside it But the words that help to send me off The thoughts that help to ground me Are said in a voice that is fluent in metaphor Bilingual second language Imagery rich in vision and colour When I close my eyes I see myself Not as I look but… Continue reading and love, anyway

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my robot boy

A box of spare parts Said no assembly required Slightly damaged, but not not rebuildable second hand, single owner My robot boy Built ready to go Dings and scratches Darker in patches Doesn't take much to turn him on Voice recognition activation Coming to life "What do you want?" I ask. "He wants sex," he… Continue reading my robot boy

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Thoughts on Wonderwalls

Urban Dictionary defines a Wonderwall as somebody you find yourself thinking about constantly. Oasis defines a Wonderwall as you, after all. Wonder, to be awe. In the presence of awesomeness When was the last time you felt true wonder? That moment of mouth-open-ness. Of oh-my-god-ness That moment of nothing but pure feeling. It is a… Continue reading Thoughts on Wonderwalls

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Life happens Damaging Barely managing People waft In and out Like autumn leaves Or tides Or clouds Leaving marks On your body On your skin Heart their play thing A chew toy for the careless Un careful Care fully Who fully cares? Once whole Shattered Scattered Torn and tattered We pick up our pieces Cradling… Continue reading Kintsukuroi

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smile, fucker!

How do you honestly feel at the moment? Now, smile. Right now. Go on, don't be shy... Give your Lemons a big cheesy grin. Now Laugh. Yes... Out loud. So everyone around you can hear. As if what you are reading right now is fucking hilarious because I am a comedic goddess. Now... Let's go… Continue reading smile, fucker!