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Whoops! I forgot a title… this will do…

Working to the bone... Nah not really. I just napped. Melodramatic Trying to finish up my post for the nest installment of my verse novel I swear... I'm getting it done. This week has been a tad busy with all my wartime duties... plus I have actually started to try to look after my own… Continue reading Whoops! I forgot a title… this will do…

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dating after seperation

This coming Wednesday, one of my worst fears is coming to fruition. I am being taken out by my brother so he can introduce me to a man. Blerg. I know I write a lot of poetry about meeting someone, but in reality, meeting someone actually fills me full of dread. Especially anyone who would… Continue reading dating after seperation

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my robot boy

A box of spare parts Said no assembly required Slightly damaged, but not not rebuildable second hand, single owner My robot boy Built ready to go Dings and scratches Darker in patches Doesn't take much to turn him on Voice recognition activation Coming to life "What do you want?" I ask. "He wants sex," he… Continue reading my robot boy

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see the worlds

Sometimes I can see the words. I can see the colours before I start painting. Other times I falter in the darkness Trip, brush in hand Or pen Or fingers. The silent keys of my instrument of torture terrorize me. They will not click, will not type without my instruction. And so, I play. I… Continue reading see the worlds

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books are slutty

You'd think that a bookshelf would be were a book belongs but that's not true Books belong where they can be read easily Where a passing breeze can flutter their pages They belong by the bed and in the folds of the covers where it is warm They want to be the last thing you… Continue reading books are slutty

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I woke up with friends in my songs

This song is pretty cheesy. But I like cheese. Another one to go with my poemy things. But this one reminds me of my peeps with recent convos and posts. lmfao Big hugs, guys. ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š Turn up the record cause the song's just begun I'm smashing pumpkins like it's November 1 Wish britney'd hit me… Continue reading I woke up with friends in my songs

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Thoughts on Wonderwalls

Urban Dictionary defines a Wonderwall as somebody you find yourself thinking about constantly. Oasis defines a Wonderwall as you, after all. Wonder, to be awe. In the presence of awesomeness When was the last time you felt true wonder? That moment of mouth-open-ness. Of oh-my-god-ness That moment of nothing but pure feeling. It is a… Continue reading Thoughts on Wonderwalls