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I’m an adult, I swear!

There is nothing quite like living with a parent when you are an adult to make you feel like a fucking child. I have a number of friend people in a similar situation to me. Finding themselves in a space in their life where they have had to either move back home or simply share… Continue reading I’m an adult, I swear!

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the me I am

Hi... Maybe you can help me... Do you know where I am? Not where I am right now, but the me I am looking for? The me I am looking for is about my height. She is sort of like me in looks... maybe a little prettier. She is definitely less awkward. Her words do… Continue reading the me I am

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The Floating Room

This is for the Chuck Wendig's Fiction Challenge. This week, we had to Google image search "strange photos" and then pick one. Because I am chicken, I convinced my sister - Mel Gutiรฉr, the princess of Melons -to do this with me. Please go check out her story too. This isn't my normal sort of… Continue reading The Floating Room