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blank space nothings

I cannot see where it is you hide But I feel that you may be close The space between us now is greater than it ever has been Like the home stretch marathon Distance and time and space are only relevant to what isn't really there Sometimes it is the spaces between music notes that… Continue reading blank space nothings

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Coffee/friend, wine/lover

Coffee is my friend And wine is my lover I wake up and the first thing I want is my friend I want long warm talks with my friend Holding them in the palm of my hand Night falls and the darkness sets in And all I can think of is my lover on my… Continue reading Coffee/friend, wine/lover

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yours, my hell

I live exist in the house of nightmares Reliving little horrors skin re-torn bruises re-blackened I walk through the hall of mirrors but the reflections are all different Me the way you saw me hideous, repulsive Me with you at my back knife at my throat My eyes are not my eyes They are yours,… Continue reading yours, my hell

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I woke up with a song in my headphones

So, mostly I am posting this because it goes with the poemy thing for today. But I also just like this song. And I also just like The Vamps. And I also like the part where it says "Cracked a little smile when you got the words wrong" because... that would be me. My mouth… Continue reading I woke up with a song in my headphones

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mother fucking cupcake

I just want to have a bitch about something. And please pay attention because you may do this thing and not realise that you are being a fucking dick. So, in this new life of mine, I am taking every opportunity to improve myself in ways I was not allowed to do before. One of… Continue reading mother fucking cupcake

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Dream logic rambles

Ramble time... We have all had those moments: We wake from some kick arse dream and say to ourselves โ€œSelf, that kick arse dream would make a kick arse book.โ€ So, we write that shit down on anything we can find on our bedside table. In the morning, sometime in the waking moments after coffee… Continue reading Dream logic rambles

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And for my next trick…

I made it through this week, but I don't know if I can do the prompt thing next week again... I'm needing recovery time. So, I may just ramble aimlessly next week... I do that pretty well... ramble, ramble, ramble... I may try to do some art... I haven't arted in ages... I don't know...… Continue reading And for my next trick…

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled viewing for this quick announcement *or* AAaggh! The dick tentacles are coming!

I have totally broken away from my routine this week... life happened. But things will be back on track this week. I have mostly stuck to everything else. The loss of routine is in no way due to a lack of confidence or lack of motivation. There are just sometimes in our lives when other… Continue reading We interrupt your regularly scheduled viewing for this quick announcement *or* AAaggh! The dick tentacles are coming!

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Rando post *or* past lives literal

This week I had a strange discussion with a dear friend... I have a... mild obsession with all things fae. Which also includes Gaelic things ... Celtic... things... (for a writer I am not feeling very articulate this morning... I'll blame the lack of coffee) I have had a strange connection to and this pull… Continue reading Rando post *or* past lives literal