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pain fades, but

Waiting Worrying Watching You fade Fade is a dirty word Not like fuck or cunt Those can be lovely But fade seems to always be the same ...Not really Wounds fade Scars fade Pain fades, But when a human fades What can you do? Simply watch... Look on Safe distance kept Don't want you to… Continue reading pain fades, but

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mother fucking cupcake

I just want to have a bitch about something. And please pay attention because you may do this thing and not realise that you are being a fucking dick. So, in this new life of mine, I am taking every opportunity to improve myself in ways I was not allowed to do before. One of… Continue reading mother fucking cupcake

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Not what I had scheduled for today

Today I have been alone But not lonely Real life is a fairytale We tell ourselves To distinguish everything else From the seperate lives we live Behind screens And in front of them I was gonna write about love But... maybe I shouldn't I was gonna write about warmth and other delicious treats But... maybe… Continue reading Not what I had scheduled for today