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broken dolls, clay and strings and 1996 frames

Well... it only took me 4 weeks... but I did it. 1996 frames... my biggest project yet. A true monster. It has been a long day so I will not turn into Ramberley and ramble ramble ramble... I am still really enjoying making the stop motion. It mostly comes out the way my brain wants… Continue reading broken dolls, clay and strings and 1996 frames

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sea glass green

Trees Taller than I have Ever seen Tall as buildings Tall as monuments Nature's statues Relics Skyscrapers of bark umber Sea glass green leaves Shimmering in the twilight heat Glimmering haze oasis Mirage hallucinations Hallucinating Clear as day Clear as shallow seas Shallow graves Shifting light Sun rays warping filter Kelp wafting anemone arms Rays… Continue reading sea glass green

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across the maw

In darkness Behind painted lids I walk Stepping carefully Breathing Trying to smell To sense beneath The earth and leaves and decay My mountain home is steep Actively listening Straining Concentrating Branches brushing swish Twigs brittle crunch Leaves dry shuffling hiss A distant scuffle Panicked breathing heaving Clawing screams Thud Whispered falling of thresh I… Continue reading across the maw

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blue dead nothing

Daylight is nothing more than a suggestion The water's surface is abstract A dream of a world I no longer wish to be a part of But now that my home is gone down here feels colder than it ever did before Shades of blue and black Straight edged Man made I try to search… Continue reading blue dead nothing

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Dead wood trees Sun bleached grey as ash Like skeletal veins From a dead Earth Dried up Stretching out from this hardened corpse land Boulders Unearthly round and symmetrical Lichen freckles their skin The only thing that grows out here But green along the horizons A dead zone This wasteland Wasted land Mother nature was… Continue reading Hole/World

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the heart of a monster – finale

Full moon night As bright as I get to see anymore The light stung a little but only as much as the sun used to on a mid-summer's day. I'm not even sure if that is a memory or dream I have retold And retold ..........And retold ...............And retold ....................And... I could still taste him… Continue reading the heart of a monster – finale