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fetid fingers decay

The lord sits high up in his tower For all the dark and midnight hour Reading from his arcane pages While the storm outside it rages He reads the words which will revive Summoning his demons five Bone and fetid fingers decay Coming from the earth to play They clank and clang and loudly clatter… Continue reading fetid fingers decay

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phantom limb, mine

Today I lay in bed And watched the light outside my window fade Grey white clouds like wolf's fur So cold it felt like snow I hear my pack howling But I cannot get to them My brain or more accurately my meninges Ache and thud and ache My pia mater tells my arachnoid membrane… Continue reading phantom limb, mine

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I’m awake but there’s a nightmare in my head

I'm just gonna leave this here... (spiral emoji) The ants are in the sugar The muscles atrophied We're on the other side, the screen is us and we're t.v. Spread me open, Sticking to my pointy ribs Are all your infants in abortion cribs I was born into this Everything turns to shit The boy… Continue reading I’m awake but there’s a nightmare in my head

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pretty little horrors

I want you to know something. I need you to know something... My feelings towards you are so strong. I want you to know that I think about you... I think about doing things to you... to your body... Bad things... Naughty things... Sometimes... I think about killing you... murdering you... taking the life from… Continue reading pretty little horrors

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Music Monday in Saturday

Ugh... I'm terrible at joining in with friends' projects. But I guess, at least I am posting it... right? So, on Weird Shit with Alex this week, he spoke about (and I am super paraphrasing here, go read it your damn self) music we wouldn't normally like. He posted a Backstreet Boys song and a… Continue reading Music Monday in Saturday

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the heart of a monster -Part 2

Sorry guys! I totally changed just a couple of details in part 1... cause I'm the author and I'll do what I want. LOL but seriously. They were minor changes but obviously you are welcome to duck back and have a quick squiz... if you do and you can see what I changed, let me… Continue reading the heart of a monster -Part 2

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Hour glass fragile

Strings pulled tight, tighter Waist cinched Now but a handful My hourglass has just been flipped My timepiece body is wrapped and ready But make no mistake Lover Although I may be wrapped up, like a present, bows neatly fluttering down my spine I do not wear this for you

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Not poetry…

I like to dance. I have two main styles of dancing that I practice on a regular basis: Pole and Badly I dance the same way whether people are watching or not. I dance in the kitchen, with headphones on while cooking or doing the dishes. I dance in the super market, pushing a trolley… Continue reading Not poetry…