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Winter holiday Snow is like rain but nicer Can I stay here, please?

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falling snow how

Sweet dreams Like falling snow How beautiful they look Unique and delicate To catch a dream on your tongue and taste it... (How sweet and nourishing) ... is to kill it. I trample across my mind field White thick With fallen dreams And my tears freeze on my cheeks I am trapped on the ground… Continue reading falling snow how

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Summer shade

The cicadas are loud today Singing their merry creed to the summer heat Like lovers Summer and cicada Star crossed and long distance They use the only words they know how Trrrrrp trrrrrp trrrp the cicadas sing The summer heats up A southerly breeze blows And the cicadas sing The breeze coaxes leaves from the… Continue reading Summer shade

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Australia is likeย Melisandre’s snatch

I'm Australian. Like, as in, I was born here. Blood-nationality (if there even really is such a random notion) I'm like a slow-cooked stew. But that is not at all what I wanna talk about today. actually I don't really wanna talk about anything. (But here we are ...) Why don't I want to do anything? Cause it is fucking hot here!