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Is liquid… Google autofill shenanigans

I was unsure what to do for my non-fiction post for this week's prompt- Liquid. Then I thought... non-fiction doesn't meann it has to be educational. It just has to be real. So, I bring you the Google autofill game. My favourite online game. I will post the screen shot of the Google bar and… Continue reading Is liquid… Google autofill shenanigans

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FAQ Warrior Goddess Queen

I get hundreds of emails every day asking questions to do with #warriorgoddessqueen (or none, ever, but whatevs) So, I thought I would answer some of the more common/never asked questions I get. Amberley, what IS a Warrior Goddess Queen? This is a tricky question to answer. Because there is no real stereotype of a… Continue reading FAQ Warrior Goddess Queen