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bonds positively charged

Feeling rain on my skin As if for the first time Droplets cool as snowflakes Divine scents of earth and ozone and decay The rain trickling down my windscreen no longer looks like tears Water molecules cling to each other Cohesion Hydrogen bonds Positively charged Rivulets seem random But there is always a reason Always… Continue reading bonds positively charged

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softness you feel

Walls high Surrounded I cannot see above them to know where I am going oh, how youโ€™ve turned my world you precious thing Corners and corridors I follow your silken threads Darkness and light Shadows are where life dwells And I keep moving Towards arms Outstretched? Will they catch me when I fall? I am… Continue reading softness you feel

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“Take it, you fucking slut” *or* Why we like what we shouldn’t

Firstly, soz to any newcomers who are in some way offended by bad language or sex stuff. But Iโ€™d say, if you clicked on a link containing โ€œfucking slutโ€ in the title, then you knew what you were in for. For you regulars, you know me and my messiness so... the first novel I ever… Continue reading “Take it, you fucking slut” *or* Why we like what we shouldn’t

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midnight stars once

Autumn always happens too quickly It sneaks up on you That silent demise A promise of rebirth My soul is quieter Where once a bonfire burned Raging like witch hunt's fire There is now a new flame A deeper one Warm and cool Not burning but bright Leaves, where once green, start to turn at… Continue reading midnight stars once

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music, air and wanting

Small forevers In the little intimacies Standing close But not touching Sharing earbuds Sharing music Sharing time Air and wanting The only thing now between us Whispered words, like Lyrics or poetry or nothings But is this real Or just another fantasy Just a dream Because I stand here alone Waiting for reality Waiting for… Continue reading music, air and wanting

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seams not touching

She always had a towel Soft and fresh Blue and white and green like the Earth slung over one shoulder Heart stitched to one corner Each piece attached with a different thread Mismatched Seams not touching Didn't remember when she removed it in the first place Probably somewhere between her first kiss and her first… Continue reading seams not touching

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Towel art

I had a lot of ideas about what towel art I should do... but I decided on the photography... cause photography is my jam... I know it may look like I just dropped a towel and then snapped a photo... but I did put slightly more effort into it than that. Slightly... I like playing… Continue reading Towel art

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our atmosphere beautiful

Electromagnetic radiation Ultraviolet and visible Infrared, solar heat Filtering through our atmosphere Beautiful irradiance Traveling 149.6 million kilometers To shine down on my shoulders To warm my towel To brighten your face As we sink our toes into the creamy sand Salt water dries on our skin I taste it on your lips The salt… Continue reading our atmosphere beautiful