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flower, when plucked

Flowers need the Earth, the ground, to be flowers But the ground is still the ground without the flower The flower does remain the flower, when plucked. Once a pretty little thing to look upon, but soon wilting, dying. The ground doesn't need anything to be itself. It is always the ground. If someone asks… Continue reading flower, when plucked

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River cat

Once upon a time there was a... stray cat who hated humans Every day... she would watch the house cats across the river who would stay inside and not live their cat lives. One day... the stray cat fell into the river. Thinking her nine lives were up she accepted her fate of drowning, but… Continue reading River cat

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She carrys revenge on her shoulders Heavy as a winter's cloak Broad sword hangs by her side Her only friend Breath like blood and smoke Silence is her voice Eyes as bright and big as summer sunflowers Watching her enemies Her touch as soft as fur Or as sharp and cold as her steel friend… Continue reading Victorious