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across grassy lawns

I walk a path of most resistance Side walk, pavement, footpath, dark and dingy alleyway Trailing, meandering toward my destination But I can't seem to stop stopping along the way I sit and have a coffee in the gutter I wander into someone's yard to lend a hand I set fires and kiss hands and… Continue reading across grassy lawns

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Hour glass fragile

Strings pulled tight, tighter Waist cinched Now but a handful My hourglass has just been flipped My timepiece body is wrapped and ready But make no mistake Lover Although I may be wrapped up, like a present, bows neatly fluttering down my spine I do not wear this for you

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Not poetry…

I like to dance. I have two main styles of dancing that I practice on a regular basis: Pole and Badly I dance the same way whether people are watching or not. I dance in the kitchen, with headphones on while cooking or doing the dishes. I dance in the super market, pushing a trolley… Continue reading Not poetry…