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Please send me cute animal GIFs while I take a moment to panic about how short life is…

The great and powerful, mystical Life Octopus has handed me one if its dick tentacles... a life lemon, mayhaps. I have awoke with a familiar burning pain in my neck. One that has filled me with dread and a deep foreboding onism. My shingles has returned like a shitty, racist relative you had hoped had… Continue reading Please send me cute animal GIFs while I take a moment to panic about how short life is…

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Too me

Too annoying Too much Too big Too small Too short Too smart Too mouthy Too ugly Too cute Too rude Too sweet Too vulgar Too trashy Too clingy Too unattached Too weak Too strong Too nice Too chatty Too friendly Too silly Too dark Too weird Too crazy Too straight Too ethnic Too white Too… Continue reading Too me

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will always burn

Ardere Some flames Burn bright, out of control Smouldering heat Cooling down I am not a flame Appassionati Some passions Fading like smoke, suffocating All in the beginning Too much too fast I am not smoke Aviditร  Some thirsts Can be quenched Water soothing Greedily taking, taking too much and then leaving I am not… Continue reading will always burn

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“Take it, you fucking slut” *or* Why we like what we shouldn’t

Firstly, soz to any newcomers who are in some way offended by bad language or sex stuff. But Iโ€™d say, if you clicked on a link containing โ€œfucking slutโ€ in the title, then you knew what you were in for. For you regulars, you know me and my messiness so... the first novel I ever… Continue reading “Take it, you fucking slut” *or* Why we like what we shouldn’t

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Vision boards

So, I have made myself a vision board. I can't remember if I have mentioned this before or not. But I just wanted to talk about it because I just think they are a great thing. If you don't know, a vision board is ... a board... lol but one that has either pictures or… Continue reading Vision boards

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Breakfast smoothie

In my search for myself, I am also trying to get back to my healthy former self. Not just healthy mentally and emotionally but physically. My physical health really took a dive about 6 years ago. I'd had three miscarriage (thank you, uterus.) In a row and basically the rest of my life went really… Continue reading Breakfast smoothie

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Hour glass fragile

Strings pulled tight, tighter Waist cinched Now but a handful My hourglass has just been flipped My timepiece body is wrapped and ready But make no mistake Lover Although I may be wrapped up, like a present, bows neatly fluttering down my spine I do not wear this for you