Not a motherfucking haiku

Loves the taste of honey Even though allergic to bees Asphyxia drowning Technically... it's not a haiku... lol I had one half of the poeminess (the nice half) represented in song form now there's a not-haiku representing the part that a lot of us seem to get stuck in. We get caught up with bad… Continue reading Not a motherfucking haiku

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damage and flourishing

Letting go of past sins Sins that were not my own Flowering branches that once stretched high Axe-hacked Burned at the stake Witch hunts were your favourite pastime Shovel digging to find my roots Too twisted Knotted Strong For you to get to Rejecting the damage And flourishing with new growth Bright green shoots grow… Continue reading damage and flourishing

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Honey bees dance!

I was trying to come up with something more creative for the non-fiction post this week but I think honey and bees themselves are pretty interesting so... that's what you're getting. So, takes some facts on honey bees and their delicious vomit. The average bee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in… Continue reading Honey bees dance!