Hi! I’m Amberley.

So, below is my original “ABOUT” post. It isn’t a lie. but it isn’t what this blog has completely become either.

I am Amberley And I don’t know what I should write here. I’ll just write a bunch of rando things to fill in the space. Puppies. Dinosaurs probably didn’t roar. Otters are the cutest creatures on the planet. If you like Brussel sprouts you are wrong. Popsicle. I eat peanut butter from the jar. I also worry too much for the safety of bugs. And apparently I write things and make art and animate the inanimate.

Some days I post short fiction. Some days I post a poem. Some days I post the weird art project I have been working on. Other days I just write about what has made me happy, sad or pissed off.

Join me, comment, have a real conversation. Or just stalk from the sidelines, I don’t mind.

Love to you all


I had a complete “Sea-change” and I have up-cycled my life.

Life gave me lemons and, by Odin’s son, I will make shitty art from those lemons. #fuckthelemonade

I swear. I write. I paint. I (kinda) sketch. But I am about to delve into the realms of art that I have not yet ventured.

Should be fun …