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little trees and fallen leaves

Seat laid back
I stare up at the sky
Out window, tinted dark
Through the glass to my side
Watching the skeletal trees
Turn from verde to oxide

My little trees hang twist spin
In the turbulent gaseous air
All the scents of the rainbow
To match with my despair
I count them now
strawberry monoxide and luscious pear
Carbonic pine and bubblegum
As I whisper the Lord’s prayer

Leaves fall on the windshield
Eyes blink thick like molasses drips
His words float behind my thoughts
In my cotton wool memory his mask slips
He said this was the only way
For me to abandon this sinking ship

I turn my wedding band
around and around
My breath is labored
My heart starts to pound
Head maelstrom
galactic drowned
Falling stars across my vision
Swimming twirling merry-go-round

I want this to stop
Please stop it please
I want to take it back
Save me from this disease
But it is to late
I cannot move now
So I sit
And I fade
As I watch
These little trees
And these fallen leaves
As it all falls down


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