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waiting goddess, still

On this side of midnight I sit
Warm Summer rain day dream glitter still plays in my hair
On my skin
And I find myself thinking
Of spiders
And flies
And others that crawl and creep and wait

Spiders take their time
Construction beauty
Delicate threads of glistening light
Spiralling and spiralling
They build their beautiful trap
Their snare perfection
But it may catch nothing
The web has to be placed just right

Now flies on the other hand
Flies will lay their eggs
Flies are predatory parasitic
Offspring maggot infestation
Spewing forth like words
Like reaching gripping bloated fingers
Left to fend for themselves
Hatching and learning that all they could ever be is flies

There are no flies on him
But I can see where they have been

Then you have the mantis
That waiting goddess
Still as leaves
Still as death
Emerald exoskeleton strong
She is simply patient

The flies must be
They must wriggle forth
Born of decay and putrice
They must become ensnared
Snacks for the arachnid bellies
Without them the spider would not survive

And the same goes for the mantis
She sits waiting for her turn patiently
Waiting for her turn to strike
Waiting on this side of midnight
Warm Summer rain day dream glitter still plays in her hair
On her emerald exoskeleton strong


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