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and yet he moved

I met him in a sleepy town
Against a seaside shore
At first he seemed oh so sweet
Someone I could adore
But it all changed so quickly
Hopes dashed upon floor
It was the feathers and beak, you see
That I’d tried so desperate to ignore

Please don’t judge, hear me out
This of you I do implore
I had not noticed them at first
But then bloomed from his skin
Like claymore
Feathers of white and scales and beak
Monsterous talons and claw

No growl or snarl did he make
Just smiling, he did lure
But I was prepared
I have been here before
Grotesque was his form
Something of myth and lore

So when he showed his true self
Beside ocean, white-capped and hoar
I chopped him up real good I did
With feathers, guts and gore

Despite my butchering of the brute
His blood out it did pour
He twitched and groaned and I hacked again
And yet he moved some more

While he squeaked and screamed and cried
I sliced his flesh with vigor
I split his bones and pruned his veins
And freed his prisoners
Floated forth the souls of others
The girls he’d taken before

And now he’s still
he twitches not
Of this I can assure
No longer will this monster hurt
He rests forevermore


8 thoughts on “and yet he moved”

      1. Oh man! Did you leave it as free verse? I wanna see it!!! Your free verse is so good! The children and I are doing amazing at the moment. Just learning and having fun and living… did you have a good holiday break? How is the Duchess? And how are you?!


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