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that she

I sit
Cross legged
On my bed
Midnight is just around a star encrusted corner
I watch out my window
Constellation gazing wonder
And I want to write a love poem
But one for someone I have never really written one for

This person
She is amazing
She can diffuse arguments with words of love and single looks
While on the phone
While making lunch

This person
She is strong
She has made it through things that may have broken a normal person
She has cried in more showers than she has sung in them
She has given love and given love and given love
And still finds the strength to continue giving

This person
She is an artist
With paint and pen
She will create worlds
She will sculpt fear and longing with the same clay

This person
She is beautiful
All cobweb translucent charm
Blooming vibrant obscura
Tenebrine curves
And candied tongue
Glittering sea spray breaths held
Raven waves like Duchess
And lace-fragile opulence

This person
She is good
She ate food today and didn’t feel guilty
She slept and didn’t drink too much coffee
She allowed herself to just sit and watch the sunrise
And now she sits
On my bed
Watching the stars

This person…
She deserves poetry
She deserves love
She is worth the effort…
This person…
That She…
Is me.


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