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one day soon

making it through this year
With only a few scraped knees and just a little bruised skin
but mostly with happiness honeyed
and fluffy cloud thick joy
like cotton candy and mixed dialects
and love found and deliciously terrible sin

With bated breath we’ve waited
patient like poetry beats, wing beats
Like insects, like mantis
thought we’d sunk under the waves
Lost Forever like Atlantis

Now the only thing sinking in is our teeth
peach mango plum juicy syrup liquid enjoyment
your love so sweet I could turn it into wine
just add dandelions and our laughter and poetry so poignant

One day soon it will be the rest of our lives
the future rushes towards us like the light from the billion phantom stars
and yet we take comfort in the quiet moments
Solace in the sounds of us and the universe exhaling
after all,this year, this life, this love is ours

Happy New Year, my love. Happy New Year, everyone.


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