bloggity blog, poetry

winter high seas

Timber creaks under our toes
this lady moans underneath us
protesting the storm
when the swell rises
and breaks
salty brine bone soaking everything
it does not knock us down

Ocean whipped winds
beat a war cry out on my chest
and dance with my Medusa hair free
I stare down into that blueberry plum deep
the seabed of my dreams where I lay in waiting
abyssal Sapphirine softness calls
letting me know it is okay
just wait
a little longer

I see you standing the world away
across the decking
music and laughter and magic on your lips
lips like storm clouds ready to part and spill forth beauty
storm torn are we
a chill in the air like winter
high seas rough but we have seen worse
cradling my fruit safe from destructive mouths biting

Chaos in colourless
livid murky pitch swirling
vile vortex Maelstrom
we in the centre
we the eye of the Storm
iridescent stygian auras in raven feather oil rainbows
both light and Darkness
storms do not last forever
then our ship can pull safely into shore
or sail on strong


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