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sun bright violets

I see you for the first time
And it is like seeing storm clouds
Beautiful and dark and crackling with lightning
Rolling over the mountains
I feel that swell of awe
That rush of nervous jittering beetles
That feeling of familiar
That feeling of being gifted a glimpse at magic itself

Somehow I am in your arms
The moments between before and now are a blur
I smell you for the first time
Rain on the breeze
Incense smoke and candle flame sweet
Salty brine sea spray
Leaves in the sun bright
Violets and watermelon wine
The scents of nostalgia
The feel of you against me is like slow warmth surrounding
Like a silken home cocooning safe
I have grown wings within the safety of your love
And I want to fly away with you

You are kissing me now
And it all becomes clear
Just like you said it would
My lips were made to fit your lips
My body was designed with you in mind
We are like two sides of the same coin
Mobius strip divided but still connected
Fitting together perfectly whole again
We were meant for each other
Allways were
Allways will be


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