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ink spreading black

Lying hand in hand
The night was onyx dark
Pen and paper between
You spoke of character arc

Suddenly we weren’t alone
Our imaginations turn awful
They smile with mouths far too wide
So many teeth, more than a jawfull

You hold me tight
Against the bookcase
I clutch your arm
And hide my face

Their arms were bent
And their feet did float
Open lips wide
And see down their throat

I cry and cringe
At our creations
Disgusting art
Fictional ablations

You hold my hand
Once again
Pen ink spreading
Black bloodstain

“We can kill them,” you say
“They’re just in our head”
So we pulled out our pens
And wrote them all dead

Excitement from
Our unholy opuscule
I love you all
Every molecule

The moment comes
Lover’s high
It all ends
With kiss and sigh

This is number 3 of my GIF prompts. This one was given to me by my love, Byron from Dried Ink Ribbon who is also responsible for those last beautiful lines I have italicized. I stole them from a beautiful poem of his called “Except for Now” which you can listen to him read right here… it is totes one if my favs.

I have actually pinned the tweet so you can still give me a GIF I you wish.


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