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fetid fingers decay

The lord sits high up in his tower
For all the dark and midnight hour
Reading from his arcane pages
While the storm outside it rages
He reads the words which will revive
Summoning his demons five
Bone and fetid fingers decay
Coming from the earth to play
They clank and clang and loudly clatter
While on their skulls the rain did splatter
They dance while their lord looks on
But now the night is almost done
And as the townsfolk scream aloud
The Lord tightens his shroud
Calling them back to their graves
He feels sorry that they’re just his slaves
But such is life, so mote it be
I hope you enjoyed this little story
Of the demons five and their Lord V

On the Tweeter, I asked peeps to give me prompts in the form of a GIF. This is the first. There were some weird ones so strap yourself in. If you wish to give me a prompt and have somethinh written for you, please go here.


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