bloggity blog, poetry

future without you

Impotent torments dangling
Your efforts limp and listless
The teeth are gone from your grin, I see
Cheshire cat
But all tail between legs, disappearing

It is okay to let go now
Seperate ways and parted
What you cling to is but a thread anyway
It has unravelled as far as it will go
Our seams will come undone for you no more

I dreamed of monsters last night
Real monsters
The kind with fang and claw and shadow and fictional
We no longer hear your laughter when we cry
We no longer see your porcelain smile in our sleep

It’s okay to let go
Then I won’t have to use these
*snap snaps scissors sharp*

Just let go
You are just dead weight
And you are at rock bottom anyway
The longer you hang on the further you will fall
As we soar up and up into our future without you


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