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close, now is

Sunday morning cozy
Breakfast at the table
The smell of bacon and maple and pancakes
Dances around our sleepy heads and over our smiling lips
Like punch drunk stars

The kids are excited to spend the day together
Delighted eyes sparking with childish glee
You and I
play footsies under the table
Toes doing what our fingers wish they could
Sly glances and shy giggles
And oh so discreet animal acts
Passed back and forth like grade school love notes behind teachers’ backs

Sun-bleached Memories faded
Lost to time and tides
Distasteful past keelhauled and dying

Every day is a new memory
I take
And fold
And tuck away into my pockets
Keeping them safe and close

Now is a new life
A life of peace
Dark forest peaceful
Piano notes peaceful
Quiet whispers peaceful
Held hands under warm blankets peaceful
Small heads on our shoulders
type peaceful

A life of you and I and us

A life of love

A life of cozy Sunday mornings


3 thoughts on “close, now is”

  1. As a cold hearted realist i am compelled to point out that life can often be better than it was at some time in our past, but it is never perfect, not for any length of time.

    It is always better to be pleasantly surprised by how much better things turn out than to be bitterly disappointed when they fail to meet our expectations.

    You know it makes sense! 😉

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      1. There’s nothing wrong in Hope, quite the opposite.

        Accepting that peace and happiness will never be all there is in this life is necessary for good mental health and well-being. 😉

        Life very rarely turns out to be fair and just and balanced, possibly because there are more than a few unbalanced people out there. 🙂

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