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origami paper delicate

First thing in the morning
Bleary bumbling fingers
Glittering stars of dream light
Still circle in my mind
I see you are online
And everything is clear
My magician
I am swimming under the surface of your spell

Excitement like fireflies glowing warm on summer nights
Excitement like citrus bright sweet on sun kissed lips
I love knowing that we are both staring into our screens as if we could possibly stare strong enough to teleport through that scrying glass
Excitement like running tumbling grabby hands wanting

I want to be there with you
Or you here with me
Or just together
Just us
Just somewhere only we know
Somewhere we can be just us slowly
I know now is soon
But this knowledge hasn’t soothed that ache
Hasn’t filled that you-shaped hole inside me
And I long to fill the empty space beside you
Quietly me but loudly loving you

I want to fold myself around you tightly
My love like origami paper delicate
Hold you till you fall asleep amongst the dream light stars of my own eyelashes fluttering shut on shared pillows
Soaring lucid like paper cranes
Like midnight ravens
Like murderous crows
Like magic spells and feathers and fur and wanting
Till you wake me
First thing in the morning
Bleary and bumbling
But breathless
And just together


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