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giant syphilitic pork swords and the slaughter of our women…

Alright… I have not ranted on my blog for a hot moment so here it comes… get your delicate sensitivities ready cause it is about to get fucking vulgar up in here…

I have been saying it on here since I opened this blog… Domestic abuse both in Australia and the world in general is a fucking problem.

It is no secret that I was in an abusive relationship myself… and you know the main problem I have had? I had no visible bruises… none I was willing to show a bunch of people anyway. So, people either thought I wasn’t in any danger, thought I was overreacting or flat out thought I was lying.

I’m going to say something. This ain’t up for debate. This is not a fucking opinion.

Abuse doesn’t just mean physical. And ALL abuse is fucking dangerous.

Take this cock sucker for example… Graham “I helped my wife commit suicide” Morant well… actually, his middle name is Richard… so Graham “Dick” Morant still works just fine.

This giant syphilitic pork sword coerced and gaslighted his beautiful 56 year old wife, Jenny, into commiting suicide.

Jenny was depressed and had recently lost her mother… so this fucking knob jockey talked her into ending her life and even went so far as to go to the hardware store to get the stuff so she could gas herself in her car…

Oh… yeah… there was life insurance of course…

But this is what I mean… he didn’t beat her. He didn’t rape her. He didn’t even threaten her. He simply convinced her that this was her only option. That taking her own life was the only way she could be at peace.

What a foaming cunt. I had written flaming cunt but auto correct said “foaming”? And yes… I believe this is better… foaming is grosser for a cunt to be, although I kinda wish this cunt was actually on fire.

I’m so god damned sick of people thinking that abuse is only serious if it is physical. Emotional, psychological, financial, sexual, social, cultural and verbal… they are ALL fucking serious.

One of the worst things is when you are in it, still stuck in the abuse cycle, you have been trained by the sizzling dick weasel to think you are crazy, that you are overreacting. So, when you become brave enough to be able to reach out and the person you reach out to thinks you are overreacting or flat out lying… then it just reaffirms it. Then you feel guilty. You actually feel guilty for being abused by these narcissistics cock nuggets. And this guilt hangs around…

Now… apply this situation to a child. This is the sort of thing I am going through. Because domestic abuse is not seen as serious as it should be, I have these two beautiful kids who feel guilty for not wanting to see their father… and they are made to feel bad about this by the people in charge who keep pointing out “but he never does anything scary while you are here” … No. He doesn’t… but being abused by someone every day for 10 years tends to make you a tad fucking distressed around them.

As of today 66 woman have been violently killed… just this year… just in Australia… How much longer are we going to allow the slaughter of our women. Our mothers. Our daughters. Our sisters. ??????

In 2017, an average of 137 women were killed, in their homes, by their spouse or family member per day… I’ll repeat that… 137 women per day! PER FUCKING DAY! This is more than breast cancer, more than a lot of cancer actually…

It is all well and good to build awareness of men’s violence against women, but it isn’t stopping it. The numbers are not even dropping! In fact, in Australia we are already 12 more than last year.

Back in mid November, Supreme court justice David Davies said he could not give a man who killed his wife by setting their house on fire and locking her in a bedroom a life sentence because the “murder of a partner” has not been considered the type of case which warrants that much jail time,” even though the Crown prosecutor moved for a life sentence.

“‘Consistency in sentencing is an important principle,’ [Davies] said.”

One of the reasons given for not locking these murderers up for life is they’re unlikely to find another partner when they’re released so probably won’t reoffend.

What the actual fuck is going on? I do not understand how the murder and/or abuse of a stranger is somehow seen as worse as the murder and/or abuse of a loved one.

I understand that progress takes time but in the meantime women are dying at a disgusting rate.

Something needs to shift. A chamge needs to happen. And it needs to be more than dudes wearing a white ribbon and saying this disagree with domestic abuse. Action and change needs to happen… I just don’t know what… but spreading words and making sure that women have a voice is a start.

PS If I have one person call me a “man hater” or even mention women’s violence against men in these coments below, so help me god I will fuck shit up in here. Just the fact that I have to even point this out, pisses me off. You wanna bitch about feminazis, you can take your misogynistic bullshit somewhere else. Come back when men are less than 98% of the violence perpetrators… please and thank you.

Also, thank you to Destroy the Joint for the image and the work they do and their words (of which I stole a few)


9 thoughts on “giant syphilitic pork swords and the slaughter of our women…”

  1. Bravo Amberley, what a fucking great article/story. I’m glad I read it after dinner, and a long time before I go to sleep, it’s nightmare stuff, and every women’s worst fucking nightmare ….. well done Lemon xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, dearest Ivor. Can you tell that I am passionate about this? It truly is nightmare stuff. The thing that gets to me most of all, and I forgot to add it to this piece, is that the chances of a woman being murdered by a spouse goes up 70% once she escapes. So, the choice is stay and be abused or leave and have a massive likelihood of death.

      Thank you so much commenting. 💛

      Liked by 1 person

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