bloggity blog, poetry

glimpses and snapshots

With self care comes more sleep
More sleep means less time
Less time means less words
Less time to write words
Less time to think of the right words

I worry that I am wasting time
Wasting time on sleep which is now so blank quiet it scares me
Been a life time with the nightmares now that they are gone sleep doesn’t quite feel the same

Sleep feels more like vacuum and less like fireflies dancing violent bliss in my mind

I worry that I am so tired that now even my dreams are hitting the snooze button

Once were brilliant dazzling displays played out behind my eyes
Now I only get glimpses from behind closed fingers
As if I am so afraid to look
So afraid it will be him I am glimpsing…

Snapshots of horrors
Of teeth
Of laughter callous cruel
It never is anymore…

I only seem to glimpse you
I only seem to be catching up on missed sleep
I only seems to be catching up on sweet dreams
And this is not a waste of time

This is time well spent
Spent on myself
Spent on self care
Spent on glimpses and snapshots of you


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