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flesh and the making of

I did my animation today… almost 600 frames and it took me around five hours.

I’m happy with this one. There was a lot more sculpting in this one and a lot more handling. Every shot had to be heavily manipulated and I stuffed up alot…

For instance, the first 40 min of filming had to be scrapped because my screen was off and you could see my carpet in one corner… there was another reason but now I cannot remember…

Anyway! I hope you like this stop motion poem. I hope you like my stabby sexy cause that’s what it is.

We tear each other open
Limb from limb
Skin on skin
Just meat and bone
Muscles, blood pumping
My beating bloody chambers
Only thud for you
Can this never end?
I want to die with you forever
Till our flesh drops from our bones
Buried and decaying
Beside one another
Eternally yours
Eternally mine
Till death do us part and beyond

Also… I was practicing blood splatter…


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