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forever more

One winter long ago
Beside the sea side shore
I stood looking down into the water
Staring down to the salty ocean floor
yes wondering
if I’d be alone forever more

that is when he showed himself
unearthly beauty under the waves which sigh
hair the colour of sand and sun
eyes of a midnight sky
He beckoned me under his crystal waves
I did not question why

He took me down to the depths below
no breath there did I need
pleasures and love and Terrors divine
he gave while we lay among the weed

drowning and reanimating
again and again
until he brought me back to shore
my joy oh did it drain

And now I sit beside the shore
waiting for my love
life is fading
but I will remain
waiting forever more


4 thoughts on “forever more”

    1. I enjoyed this piece… this little story has been floating around in my head for about a week… female merfolk and sirens are always talked about in fiction so I wanted to write a male version.
      I like this also because I like the idea of “one love” … I also like the idea of not knowing if this waiting woman is actually alive… did she actually return to the shore? She is waiting eternally for her lost love…

      And you should look on the bright side… we are Aussie… all we have is bright…

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