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inhale waiting exhale

52 days
75231 minutes
5642411 heartbeats
1203719 breaths

Belly writhing
nervous like snakes
Jittery like beetles
Sparking crackle like magic and mayhem
Beside me is a cut out in your shape empty
Please paste here
The air is quiet with the echo of your sounds on my skin

52 days
75229 minutes
5642157 heartbeats
1203663 breaths

Summer rain love like torrential
Like electric
Thunder clap loud and unashamed
The storm of us making rivers cobalt crash
Rise and swell and turn into wild things
Bending trees and forests strong

52 days
75226 minutes
5641992 heartbeats
1203621 breaths

My mind dances with thoughts of
But what ifs
But my body
But my body, my heart just dances
My hips sway with future memories of your hands
Of your lips
Of your eyes
The please, nows
Always outweigh the
But what ifs

52 days
75223 minutes
5641731 heartbeats
1203563 breaths

So many first times
Over water soaring vulnerable trusting
Blood so far away
Never been so far from my homeland
Yet so close to home itself
This close, still too far
Been away from home for a life time
No more mirrors black between our scrying eyes

52 days
75220 minutes
5641470 heartbeats
1203505 breaths
1203504 breaths
1203503 breaths

Waiting exhale
Each breath is one closer to breathless
Closer to now
Now when I am home in your arms
Nervous like snakes
Summer rain bodies love
dancing hip sway
Basking in the azure light of
Our favourite flavour

Allways and again

Italicized lines are stolen, carefully pulcked and borrowed from the wonderful Byron F McBride from Dried Ink Ribbon… please go and check him out…


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