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broken dolls, clay and strings and 1996 frames

Well… it only took me 4 weeks… but I did it. 1996 frames… my biggest project yet. A true monster.

It has been a long day so I will not turn into Ramberley and ramble ramble ramble…

I am still really enjoying making the stop motion. It mostly comes out the way my brain wants it to work which, if you are an artist, you understand how good that feels. I say “mostly” because this one actually didn’t turn out as planned… but that is a whole other kettle of fish.

Here is the poem and at the YouTube watchy box.


he watches with mirror eyes
as they dance to his music

broken limbs
crooked Souls
their movements carefully violent
rickety steps on painful feet

their cracks
their tears
not hidden
the dolls offer them up to the mirror man

they see their pain reflected in his eyes
mistaken for empathy
mistaken for commonality

that is when he shows them
Glue honey sweet
thread spun sugar sickly
he gives them just a taste
let’s them feel fixed
and as they close their eyes
feeling their pain slip over his fingers
this is when he pulls out his string

fastening wrists
bound ankles
he tells them how he wants them to dance
dangling the glue just out of reach
his mirror eyes watch
he listens to their moans
as they dance on broken toes
dance with crooked Souls

the mirror man
has so many
hanging in his room
ready for him to play with
keeping them hanging
keeping them crooked
keeping his dolls


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