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love blissfully entangled

A closed door
A quiet house

Awakening on your shoulder
I am home
Wrapped up in your arms and your love
Blissfully entangled

I feel you stir
Your grip on me tightens

I love watching this transition
Like my own personal sunrise
From sweet night to dawn beautiful
I watch your face going from peaceful sleep
To eyes open smiling

We touch foreheads and noses
Lips and cheeks
Playful sleepy and lustful

But freeze


Footfalls in the hallway

Don’t make a move
Don’t make a sound
Don’t let the kids know we are awake yet

We giggle
Hiding under covers warm
Hot breath on skin

We will be out soon enough
There is breakfast to be had
Coffee to be brewed
Life to be lived
Love to be given
And received…

As if it has always been this way
This is how it is meant to be
You and me
and us and we
All of us
Together anywhere
Just… a family


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