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sweet reflecting future

Leather winged and outside my window
Blacker than the night
You cry in joy
Bathed in the light of distant suns burning
I feel this joy in my bones

Have you ever watched a bat eat fruit?
What more happiness is needed
The sweet surrender to juices sugary flowing over lips and down chins
There is no greater delight than passionately unashamedly enjoying something

My mother asked me this morning
“Why do you look so happy?”
“Did you steal some of your brother’s weed”

I am conflicted
Is this good that I’m noticeably happier
Or is it bad that she only recognises her daughter as the one with tear-stained cheeks
The girl wilted flower plucked
My stalks now branches
Flower now tree

I look out my window
Velvety blackcurrant sky
I see you hang from the trees
A silhouette agaist the ever darkening past
Standing out
Playful and swinging
You do not have feathers
But you can still spread your wings and fly out into the night
Bright made by the ghosts of past suns burning
Bright made by the full moon glow of sweet reflecting future tides pulling me ever closer to my home


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