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a breeze-caught dream

I made a wish
unlike those which had come before it
wishes for others, undeservingly
wishes for health of those who abuse their bodies
treating themselves like trash, like garbage, like waste, waste of space
reused and chemical-filled
bottomless pits of excess and vices
more and more and more
wishes for the happiness of those who refused joy
spit in its face
give it the finger
then complain when it doesn’t come running back
wishes of peace for those who coat themselves in chaos as if it was a second skin
exoskeleton hard sharpness
hard like nail
hard like teeth
hard like truth

I made a wish
unlike those which had come before it
so many wasted wishes
enough birthday candles blown out to set a house on fire
to start a cremation
we don’t need no water let that motherfucker burn
enough eyelashes fallen to lace over all suggestive winks never given
enough to catch a lifetime’s worth of tears
hidden from eyes hateful and looking for reasons to hurt
enough dandelion seeds to sow a field of breeze-caught dreams
those dead wishes sit in my fist
crushed and glittering like beetle wings
things I wanted so fiercely
so fiercely
so foolishly
I throw them to the breeze and happily watch them float away as time and wind carry me forward
still breathing

I made a wish
unlike those which had come before it
selfish but not unkind
the wish came out of nowhere uncontrollable
like a wild thing snarling
I stood attached to the spinning Earth
underneath the sugar-dusted midnight
and watched the quick flash streak falling
arching bright Starlight flame racing
atmosphere burning
and the wish appeared match strike quick
la Fata dai Capelli Turchini
shocking but not unwelcome

I made a wish
unlike those which had come before it
A wish for myself
a wish
a breeze-caught dream
which has drifted along time to find me again

I wished for you


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