Art, poetry

three sisters we

Living in the shadows and the wind
Listen to the whistle of the breeze through our pine needle hair
Hollow eyes sunken dark circles
Like new moon orbs hanging in our blizzard strewn faces
See our breath like that which fogs glass cold

We are the death twitch of dying flies
We are the scratch of fingernail branches on your window
The screech you think is not real as you drift falling into slumber
We are the movement flash blackness in your peripheral vision clouding
We are those thoughts
Dark and unbidden and lustful

That distant bleak piano tune
Is the sound of our voices calling to you
Follow us into the dark forbidden
Touch our skin and hear crickets sing
When we touch yours you will see what love is truly
You will feel your life slip
You will give your life freely
Three sisters we
Will love you to death


2 thoughts on “three sisters we”

    1. You are so damn beautiful to me Laynes… thank you so much for all the kindness and love you have shown me today and … well… since we met! You are awesome too. I am glad to call you my friend… big hugs to you Layney… big squeezey ones that I know you wouldn’t like but I’d give you anyway 😁


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