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some kind of monster

hush hush
dark quiet whispers
if you don’t make a sound
It will hear you
if you don’t make a move
This is when it grabs you
traps laid like eggshells crumble

Crunch crunch
crouching dirty knees
hiding in and under beds
with demons of some kind
of monsters and men and damaged parts piercing
piercing puncturing
like teeth, like claws,
It comes a hunting

Clack clack
Clawed feet and cloven hooves
Stone floors suitable for sacrificing the innocent
Labyrinthine walls closing
And what sort of monster must this be
killing the fragile trusting

Look Look
It wears a mask
Made of mirrors and your skin stitched
Such a clever monster trickster
See the bugs which creep from its mouth
Bugs disguised as words, as thoughts

It closes in

So large its shadow blocks out the sun

Voice trapped in your throat choking
A voice like yours, like the monster’s

But yell you must
Shine you must
Left hand on wall and run
It may find you again
But you will learn
You will learn to tell the difference between your tears and its stitched mirrors reflecting


15 thoughts on “some kind of monster”

    1. Poetry and writing in general beling to the reader and everything is up gor interpretation… but this is basically what it means to me. Maybe leaning more towards the mental illness side…
      I always have hope. This is why I write.
      Thank you for stopping by 😊

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      1. Battle-Axe…???

        It figures! 😉

        So if, in time, the other half ever says to someone: ” Meet the Battle-Axe” it’ll probably be the first and last time he does! 😉 Well met! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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