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a world apart

My jittery turbulence feet
Never finding rest
Always stretching out branching
Leaves searching to quench a thirst deathly
A hunger for light and air

Heart jet lagged
time zone hangovers
You say we pace while we are on the phone
Because our subconscious is search
Seeking footsteps stalking
for who we are speaking to

And I have been running my whole life
Searching for you
For air, mine

Holding my breath
Waiting patience
My light and stars
Finding what I didn’t know I was looking for

Statistics against us
But not mathematical
drawn togther
Like art and paint and canvas
Moth and lamp
Moon and planet

We get closer to each other every day
Although we are still half a world apart

Time and distance
Our only divide

You would think there would be more differences
Between you and I
Between your place and mine
But I think we will feel right at home
Either side we are on
Or both
A world apart
But home is where ever we are together
All of us


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