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and lips pressed

that first day

I think about it so often
this fantasy is now more like remembering
as if we have been there before
and the memory of the event tangible
daydream dustmotes floating golden through my mind

every time I have said the word love before now
was like I was searching for your name
your name on the tip of my tongue
past live’s ghost haunting my dreams
like tall ship sails on blue purple horizons

I wonder if we found each other every time
I wonder if it always ended in tragedy
I think the only true tragedy would be having never known you at all

I’m sorry…
I was talking about our first day
this is what you do to me
spinning mind careening off
into the depths of our past futures
and day dreaming of our own forever

I long to take you there
to that first day
hands and lips
pressed like petals between pages
ready to be opened

delicate urges
longing to replace what has always been missing
I feel your hands on my skin
even though you are not near

you are my dream in real life
feeling the ache of your absence
you are my missing piece
and I want to be your puzzle
I long for you to fill my empty spaces

I can wait
wait for the memory to begin
as long as we are beneath the same pale yellow moon
looking up at the same crossed star sky
I will love you


8 thoughts on “and lips pressed”

  1. I feel decidedly voyeuristic ‘liking’ this. 😉

    I have a weird sense of perspective… i see the animated gif and all i think of is a caterpillar crawling along!! 😐

    Take good care of yourself now.

    Liked by 1 person

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