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Animation takes time… like… a lot of time…

I have been slacking off on my blog… well, that’s not exactly fair on myself. I have been busy. Trying to parent. Trying to fight this seemingly endless fucking battle with Goat Dragon and all the appointments that go along with that. Trying to self care. Trying to animate. Trying to write.

Trying to be a good mum and partner and daughter and human. Good being the operative word… because anyone can be these things but a lot if people do it terribly. Humaning is hard work…

I already do not sleep very much, so I really couldn’t do any more. I have been working on a new animation of which I have around 14 hours of filming left… so… maybe next week… but in the meantime here is the last thing I created. I cannot remember if I had put it here or not.

If I have then I apologise. If not then you’re welcome… if you have not seen a lot of the others, I think they are all on my channel now.


10 thoughts on “Animation takes time… like… a lot of time…”

    1. I AM gettung a lot done… there Re just never enough viable hours in the day and I want to get more done… but I already sacrifice enough sleep to the art gods so… yeah… and thank you for saying so. I’m really having fun animating.


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