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all the forevers

Stove top bubbling spilling
But ignored
Our witch’s brew
A spell cast for two

The blood of the fruit
Nightshade of family
Invoking our souls

Oil of the bitter
But now made sweet
Conjuring our bodies

Flesh of the innocent
Pork and veal most probably
Incantations of allways

A pinch of thyme
Crafting death and dinner

A crushed head
Garlic is preferred
You fill my chalice with your wine
Overflowing sips
on eager lips

Our hands both place the ingredients in the pot
Careful yet hungry lusting
Sizzle and pop

Moon rising full bright
Violet pitch sky
Searing deep
Perfect night to die in each other’s arms

We dance
Skin on skin consuming
Flesh on flesh in flesh
Candle wicks and bodies burning
Flame wild moving

Eyes searching what has been found
Hands gripping what we don’t wish to let go

Salt and pepper to taste
As we taste one another

The slowly building crescendo
Of darkness and desire
Flavour and ferocity

The spell is cast
The cards are drawn
Sweet smoke curling
Crystalline seduction

All the forevers
Are not long enough
When spent in each other’s enchantment


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