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I have been a tad busy this week and have fallen behind. I plan on catching up on the prompts I have missed, I just don’t know when.

This one was just a haiku. So, it was nice and “quick” to film. But still very fun.

I made the joke that the masks I made (which were made on the front of left over false nails from FINGERS) looked as if I had Ed Gained tge teenage mutant ninja turtles… and I stick by this observation… my face sculpting style looks a lot like them… especially when made in green.

I’m still really enjoying myself. I am enjoying, not just the creation but the experimentation with different lighting and shot positions and POVs and stuff… I love all that sort of stuff so this is just such a great experience.

It has want to watch a bunch of stop motion though… which I can say is research… but really I just love them…


14 thoughts on “Masks”

  1. Cool vid – but i have questions (i’m just that kind of a guy!)

    WHAT…. was the Haiku?

    WHAT… the heck is an ‘ed gain’ and what does it have to do with tge TMNT? and,

    WHAT… is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 😉

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    1. The haiku was the voice part that I spoke over the clip.

      Ed Gain is/was a serial killer who skinned his victims and made things out if their skin. He once removed the skin if someone’s face and made a mask out of it…

      And 11 meters per second… that’s a European Swallow… just so everyone is on the same page.

      If you don’t ask, you don’t learn!

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      1. I have my PC vol control on a low setting but i so did not hear the haiku the first time!??? Much more clear to me it now is!

        11m/s? You may pass! 🙂

        And i tried to find Ed Gain but all i got was stories about ED Gein 😉

        I’m glad i asked. 😉

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