After The End, bloggity blog, poetry


I watch
My babe
Estrella lovely
Playing as only babes do

Furs thick and heavy over my shoulders
I blink
Sluggish sleepy weak

It is dark in this hollow mountain cave
Dark, bar the fire light flicker flicker
Air thick with sweet smokey food smells

The teeth mother fills my bowl
She nods
Insisting I drink again

My world is not beside me
And I feel his absence aching
He hunts
And I worry

The cubs wrestle on the floor
Growing each day
Estrella laughs
The sweetest giggles
Like river water over stones pure

My body wants me to lie down
Wants me to return to sleep
But I have had enough sleep
Enough to last me a life time

A yell
A shreik
Adrenaline sparking coiling
Ignition in blood brain boiling

Commotion out in the village

I look to the mother
Her face normally calm
Tranquil peacful sooth
But now
The lines of age show strong in worry

A cub growls

My babe cries

Something is not right

Death is near

A raven cries

Please don’t forget to go see what Byron over at Dried Ink Ribbon has created for hus next installment… I have been waiting for this one…


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