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I sit in my hollow home
Cavernous espresso shadows
No light can enter or escape
Home is where the heart is

I do not have one of those

Long has it been since I have felt the lovely lub dub of of beating bloody chambers
Heart like home
Hollow chest cavity

Decaying walls that contain nothing but my past
My heart was removed long ago
Rib cage like coffin
Buried like past
Cage like trapped
Trapped past
Trapped by my past

Desolate but so full
But tears overflowing
Filling my hollow home empty


12 thoughts on “hollow”

  1. Wow! that was absolutely brilliant! I loved the animation and the VO was perfect for the material. My head’s still spinning so I’m not sure exactly what struck me the most, but this had a profound effect on me. It really hit a chord. I have to watch it again.

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