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Inside me, predator … #NationalBoyfriendDay

I am your gift
To tear open
You know I am careful
When I unwrap surprises
Painfully slow and delicate

I am your goddess
You sacrfice to me
Sweetness incarnate
Unsuspected and undreamed of
Gods, I am not worthy

Jealous of your skin
I need to be that close to you
You creep inside me
Welcomed openly
You open me wide
Surgically precise
And all knowing
Implanting what I need

Marked for each other
I am your birthright
I need you to claim me
Your love for me so deep
I die wrapped around you

Your heart beats in my hands
But I tear out my own
Place it with in you
And yours with in my chest
So that we might feel how much we love each other
Anything to have you inside me

Predator and prey
We feed off each other
Don’t go
I’ll eat you up
I love you so

Distance is but temporary
For now our lips are made of sweet words written
Our bodies made of whispers and breathless moans, quiet in the night
Our fingers and mouths made of poetry and patience


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