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fingers… day 4 of Creeptober

I did more stop motion. But today I branched out into my fav type of stop motion… claymation.

I have ALWAYS loved claymation. From Gumby to Plonsters to Mad Monster Party then on to the later stuff like Nightmare Before Christmas and Boxtrolls and such… Claymation is my.mother fucling jam. So, to actually make one… this was super fun.

I think for my first crack at claymation I did pretty well. I wasn’t trying to make it neat or pretty. I was aiming for unsettling and a bit gross… I think I am in that ballpark.

Also, the fact that I wasn’t using clay was a hurdle. I was using play dough. And play dough’s structural integrity tends to decline the more you play with it so by the end of this short animation (which took over an hour and 91 frames) it was melty and all over my hands. I do not recommend using play dough… although I will use it again because it is what I have.

There is also the nursery rhyme that I made and played over the top of this clip… which is the “poetry” part of my installment for Creeptober.

So, here is FINGERS.

Please don’t forget to go see what Byron over at Dried Ink Ribbon posted today… so fucking good… his horror poetry is on point!


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